First Night (Seductive Nights 0.5)(10)

by Lauren Blakely

But he had other plans, inching up to her br**sts, cupping them in his big strong hands.

“Your br**sts are gorgeous, and I bet you’d like it if I bite down just a little bit,” he whispered roughly against her skin, and his sexy words made her even more fevered. He flicked his tongue against her nipple, drawing it deeper into his mouth until she cried out. Then he bit down. Not so hard it hurt, but hard enough that it hurt so good.

“That feels so good,” she moaned.

“Good.” He licked a wet path between her br**sts, squeezing them as he brought the other one into his mouth, sucking hard on her nipple til it was a diamond point in his mouth. Her hips shot up, her body nearly begging for relief. Every flicker, every touch of his tongue on her drove her wild, sending sparks through all her cells. He drew her nipple across his teeth, slowly, so torturously slowly that she cried out. “Please.”

“I can do so much more to you with my mouth.”

“I want it,” she panted. “I want to know all the things you can do with your mouth.”

“Then I’ll have to stop talking and start eating,” he said, looking up at her holding her lustful gaze with his own dark, hooded one.

“You better,” she said, and gasped as he settled between her legs, his strong shoulders against her thighs. He licked her once, swirling his tongue against her wetness. She arched her hips instantly, her body terribly desperate for his touch. For contact where she wanted him most. He pulled back to look at her.

“More, please,” she said playfully.

“You like that?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I need you to spread your legs then, Julia. I can’t go down on you the way I want until your legs are wide open.”

Heat surged in her body as he dirty talked her.

“How far?”

She let her knees fall open, watched his reaction. His eyes grew darker, as he stared greedily at her center. She’d never wanted a man to go down on her more than she did in this instant. She was dying for his mouth. She wanted to feel his lips and let him work his magic tongue on her. She wanted to let go, to give in to the moment, to the night, to the tantalizing possibility of coming hard and good with him.

She needed it; the blinding wave of getting lost in release, the druggy bliss of pleasure and how it could drown out all your troubles, at least temporarily, and leave you awash in intoxication for a spell.

“I want you wide open for me. I want to see how far you can spread your legs,” he said, pressing his hands on the inside of her thighs and pushing her legs apart.

She felt helpless with her wrists pinned over her head, as he opened her legs into a wide V. She was submitting to him, trusting him with her pleasure – naked, tied and spread on the leather chaise lounge.

“I need to make sure you keep your thighs wide open for me because that’s how I like it. You think you can come from just my tongue? Because I’m not going to use my fingers,” he said roughly, in a challenging tone, then flicked his tongue against her wetness to demonstrate what he could do with his tongue alone. The feeling of him was so astonishing she groaned loudly, wriggling her hips. “Yeah, I think I can come from your tongue.”

“You sure? Because I want to save the inside of you for my cock. It’s going to be hard for me to hold back, but I can do it. Can you?” he asked again as he pressed a hot wet kiss between her legs.

She moaned and rocked into him. “Yes. Your tongue is amazing.”

“You have to do it my way, Julia.” With a firm grip on her legs, he licked up the side of her thigh, causing her to shudder, then move her legs reflexively.

“Keep them open, gorgeous,” he commanded. “If you close your legs, I’ll stop.”