First Night (Seductive Nights 0.5)(11)

by Lauren Blakely

“I’ll keep my legs spread,” she said in a raspy voice she barely recognized as her own. Hell, she barely recognized herself, she was so overcome with lust and the aching need for him. “I will.”

“You listen to me, and I’ll make you writhe and moan. If you don’t listen, I will have to stop and wait until you can follow orders,” he said sharply, staring hard at her, his brown eyes making it clear he was in charge. “Don’t make me wait. I don’t want to wait. I want to taste you so badly it’s killing me.”

“I’ll listen because I can’t wait either,” she said, surprised how she’d shifted from the badass woman on her knees with his thick c**k in her mouth, to the submissive, giving over her pleasure to this man she barely knew. But sometimes that was the point of being with someone you barely knew. Because you could give in to the purity of the physical. You could shuck off the days and the nights, and linger in that other zone where troubles couldn’t touch you. Where you were impervious. She was there now; she wanted to stay there all night long. If that made her submissive, or bad, or sex-crazed, fine. She’d take any and all of those adjectives heaped on her. But right now, all she knew was want, and that was all she wanted to know.

To hell with her problems, her troubles, her past. To hell with her ex and to all she owed. To hell with everything else but this.

He pressed his tongue against her wetness, licking her, swirling delicious lines across her core. She angled her hips closer to his mouth, gasping in delirious pleasure as he kissed her hard and licked her. He explored her, sensually, deliberately, consuming her as if she were the best thing he’d ever tasted. That’s how he made her feel with the sounds that rumbled low in his throat as he stroked his tongue across her.

He lavished attention on her clit and she screamed in pleasure, futilely trying to grasp at something, anything, with her tied-up hands – just to hold on – as he buried his tongue inside her.

She arched her hips as the sensations shot through her, hard and fast, like quicksilver tearing through her blood and veins. The feelings were so intense from his delicious mouth making love to her, and his hands holding her down hard, making her open and completely vulnerable. She had no choice but to let him go down on her however he wanted. He was masterful with his lips and his tongue, licking her clit while kissing her pu**y senseless. Her pulse raced, her blood roared. Soon, she started to lose control, rocking into him recklessly. She wanted to pull him close, but her hands were pinned, and she liked it that way. No, she reveled in it – as the waves of ecstasy slammed into her, crashing into every corner, flooding her inside and out.

She shuddered and moaned, saying his name over and over. As the feelings ebbed, he tugged her close and kissed her cheek. Her forehead. Her neck. Even her nose.

Soft, sweet, fluttery kisses. Her body felt like a noodle. She was warm and glowing, in that heady state after an epic orgasm. He seemed to sense that she needed a minute to bask in the aftereffects. Gently, he untied her hands as he buzzed his soft lips from her throat to her ear.

“Did you like it when my face was between your legs, Julia?”

His voice was low and soft, and there was a tender tone to it. So different from the rough way he’d talked to her when he issued his instructions. She pressed closer to him, savoring the momentary sweetness, loving that he had so many sides – hard and hungry, then gentle when he needed to be. He ran a hand down her side, across her waist, traveling to her hip. He bent his head to her belly, layering a gentle kiss there, then over to her hipbone. She could get used to this, to this kind of touch – rough at times and gentle at others, and he knew when to hit each note.