First Night (Seductive Nights 0.5)(7)

by Lauren Blakely

Clay was waiting at the bar, tall and hard and sexy as hell in his jeans and button-down shirt. Julia wasn’t naive enough to think there was anything deeper going on than a chemical reaction. But what a reaction it was. Her body was drawn to him. His voice affected her, and his dark eyes were so mesmerizing they lured her in. But looks didn’t always make for a good lover, did they? No. A good lover took care of a woman, made sure she came first, and then again and again. And Julia could go for an orgasm or two tonight. Maybe even three.

Could this man deliver the goods beyond the surface? Were his hands and his tongue as worthy as the rest of him?

When she returned to him, she didn’t mince words. She didn’t have time for bullshit, or dating. She was a woman who spoke her mind. “So here’s the thing. I’ve got an idea of how I see the rest of the night playing out. What I’m wondering is if it aligns with yours?”

“Horizontally? That sort of alignment?”

She nodded several times. “I see we’re in agreement. So does that mean you’re going to put out for me tonight?” She asked with a wicked grin, teasing him with the teenage crudeness of her words.

He cracked up and so did she. Julia liked even more than he could appreciate her dry and dirty humor.

“Yeah. I think I’ll put out for you tonight,” he said, then stalked closer, his solid body nearing hers, erasing the space between them as he cupped her cheeks in his hands, and captured her mouth in a hot, wet kiss. It wasn’t a slow kiss or a dreamy kiss. No, it was a hungry one that sent a rush of heat flooding her veins. He spun her around, lifted her up on the bar, then edged himself between her legs as he slid his tongue over hers, explored her lips and her mouth as he kissed her hard and furiously. Like she wanted to be kissed, his stubbled jaw rough against her face. He thread his hands into her hair and he wasn’t gentle with his touch, and she thanked her lucky stars for that. Softness was for kittens, pillows and pretty cashmere sweaters. Sex needed to be hard, hot and oh-so-rough around the edges.

She didn’t want to coddled or cuddled. She wanted to take and be taken.

He kissed her greedily and she was sure she’d still be able to feel this kiss tomorrow, in her bones, in her knees. It flared through her whole body like a comet, igniting her. She grabbed his firm ass, yanked him closer until she could feel the full length of his thick c**k in her center.

Oh, he had it going on. He definitely more than met her requirements. She rubbed herself against him and he groaned, then broke the kiss, moving his mouth to her ear. “You like that?”

“I do like that.”

“You like feeling how hard you made me?”

“I don’t like it. I love it,” she said.

“I’ve been rock hard for you all night, Julia. All night, I’ve been like this.”

“That’s a long time to be so hard, Clay. I bet you need me to do something about that.”

He pulled back to look at her, arching an eyebrow. “Yeah? What do you think I’d like you to do about that?”

“It’s not a matter of what you’d like me to do. It’s a matter of what I’m going to do,” she said, reaching for his hand that was looped through her hair, freeing it, then bringing his fingers to her face. She drew his index finger into her mouth, wrapping her lips tightly around it, and sucked hard. She watched as his brown eyes filled with heat. Then she pushed her hips against his, grinding against his hard cock, leaving no question as to where she wanted him next. She released his finger, then hopped off the counter, missing the press of his body, but wanting to do this her way. She walked behind the bar, reached into her purse, and took out her favorite accessory, dangling her handcuffs for him to see.